As we near the end of our third season, I once again find myself a bit wiser for life in general but more specifically for the task of running a Bed and Breakfast.  It has been more enjoyable than I can say.  I love meeting the people who have become guests, return guests and some, now, enduring friends.  

On several occasions this year, I have had people cancel with little or next-to-no notice.  As you might imagine, this leaves me with vacancies that I cannot fill  and lost income.  Consequently, I am in a position where I have to implement a cancellation policy.  It is as follows:

Please note … In order to avoid unscheduled vacancies we are charging a $30 cancellation fee for notice given less than 48 hours in advance of your first scheduled night.

This is posted on our “Reservations” and “Additional Info” pages.

We so appreciate your patronage and trust that you understand the necessity to take this action.  As you might imagine, it will not eliminate the possibility of the same scenario recurring but it may be a helpful step in avoiding it.

Thanks so much,

— Sheila