On May 14th Ferryview Bed & Breakfast will begin our 2019 season.  All our rooms are ready to go. I have enjoyed this endeavor immensely over the past two years.  The people   that have stayed at Ferryview are a diverse collection of individuals from all over the globe.  In a Bed & Breakfast there seems to be the time to know more about our guests than just names.  Many stories have been shared around our dining room table.  My life has been enriched because of this.

The quickest response from room inquiries is always the telephone (506.662.3541).  While I appreciate all the new technologies, I find myself often at odds with my computer and, to be honest, I don’t check my messages as frequently as I should.  There is a booking request form on the Reservations page.  A duplicate copy goes to my webmaster and he regularly checks to make sure that I have received room requests.  If you send a message on Facebook, please remember as well that I don’t check these messages everyday.

My personal preference is that guests would use the telephone number to contact me personally and we can make a booking quickly.

Thanks in advance for inquiring with Ferryview Bed & Breakfast.  I hope to hear your story and get to know you a bit as you visit our island in the coming months. 

— Sheila